S-2250 series

High performance acrylic latex for 0 VOC coating formulations as well as laminating adhesives. It has excellent gloss as well as salt spray & humidity resistance.



S-2300 series

Fine particle acrylic polyols for water based 2K isocyanate systems. The product can be customized for various isocyanate demand and VOC considerations.



S-3300 series

Thermoplastic polyester/ polyether or acrylic hybrid urethane dispersions for a variety of applications. The product can be developed for a wide range of hardness, flexibility & toughness and performance criteria.


S-3400 series

Self-crosslinking polyurethane dispersions with performance  enhanced by using nanotechnology.  The formulated products have excellent solvent, stain, abrasion, alkali, and mar resistance and can be fine tuned for suitable hardness and abrasion resistance. The products are  suitable for wood flooring, kitchen cabinets or exterior applications as well as certain plastics & elastomers.