Low VOC quick dry acrylic latex for formulations using 0.5 lbs/gallon of cosolvent. The product has excellent gloss as well as good salt spray & humidity resistance. It can be used for dip as well as spray applications and for primers as well as topcoats and can be used for wood, metal or a variety of plastics. Formulated systems can have good solvent resistance




 General Purpose Thermoplastic Acrylic Latex with fast dry characteristics. Films have high gloss and can be used as a top coat over wood metal & plastics substrates. Good impact resistance. Films have excellent salt spray & humidity resistance. Good candidate for low VOC waterborne coatings.  Can be formulated with a wider choice of cosolvents




 Economical Thermoplastic Acrylic Latex for industrial & industrial maintenance coatings with good formulation latitude. This fast dry latex has excellent blocking characteristics with good hot adhesion to substrates. Can be used for wood, metal or plastics. Excellent for general purpose coating for plastics as well as wood & metal primers.  Good salt spray and humidity resistance. Can be formulated with HAPS  free co solvents



 Specialty High Performance Acrylic Latex for a variety of plastics including HIPS and has early hot adhesion to the substrate.  Good resistance to gasoline, alcohol as well as general household cleaners.